Wood Laminate Flooring

Wood Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring provides all the beauty of hardwood or tile flooring, but at a fraction of the cost. In fact, laminate floors can come in virtually any look or finish a homeowner desires. In Salt Lake City, many people are looking for hardwood, stone, clay or tile finishes, but find that the total cost is more than they would like to pay. Laminate flooring has come a long way in recent years, and the latest technology has made the final product nearly indistinguishable from genuine wood or tile. As an added bonus, laminate is incredibly durable and can stand up against much of the wear and tear genuine woods and tiles are vulnerable to.

Laminate is a lifesaver, and a budget saver, particularly with total remodels or brand new construction. Building a property from the ground up or completely overhauling it is a long and expensive process. However, flooring doesn’t need to significantly add to that cost, particularly if you choose laminate. This material gives you the option to customize the look, color and style without overpaying. It is the preferred choice of many builders and home shoppers because of the strength alone.

Let Your Imagination Go Wild

Since laminate is a completely man-made, engineered product, you can customize it as you see fit. It comes in large sheets, so there’s no worry over tile and grout collecting dirt, debris or bacteria. However, it can be cleaned just like any other surface, and you do not need a special cleanser or strategy to sanitize laminate. Any general floor cleaner will do the trick, and there are never nooks and crannies for debris to get stuck in.

For many in Salt Lake City, laminate is the best choice for personalization. Plus, it lasts an incredibly long time with minimal upkeep. However, should a property owner decide to update their flooring, it is very affordable to have new laminate installed.